Decisions of the General Legal Council

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At the Emergency Meeting of the General Legal Council held on 4th January, 2017 the following decisions were taken by the Council.

  • The Council decided that Supplementary Examinations should be held in March for all students referred.
  • Students referred in one (1) or Two(2) subjects would be allowed to write the Supplementary Examinations.
  • A student who fails in one or two subjects would be allowed to proceed to do the internship and then write the failed subjects later on.
  • Referred students must register and make payment for the Supplementary Examinations.
  • The fee for the Supplementary Examinations shall be GH750.00 per subject.
  • The results of the Supplementary Examinations would be released within a reasonable time to enable those who passed to be called to the Bar.
  • The Council also decided that there will be one call to the Bar in October 2017 and no mini call.
  • The Council maintained its earlier decision that a student who failed three (3) or more subjects would be deemed to have failed the entire examinations and should re-write the entire examinations.
  • The Council decided that in future examinations the Index numbers, Marks and Grades of students would be published.
  • The Council decided that recollation or retallying of marks will be allowed as earlier decided by Council.
  • The Council declined the request for remarking of scripts.
  • The Council wishes to bring to the attention of all students of Ghana School of Law that by the Internal structure of the IEB/General Legal Council all scripts are remarked.
  • The Council decided that the General Legal Council website should be activated and updated information uploaded.
  • The Council also decided that Course Manuals should be prepared and copies given to students.