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Letter of Reprimand : Lawyer Osman Mohammed

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A complaint dated 8th June, 2015 was filed against you by your client, Madam Akweley Boye for your failure to commence work on her appeal after collecting from her an amount of GHC5,000.00 ( Five Thousand Ghana Cedis) as deposit.

Subsequent to the filing of the complaint, you, without any instruction from anyone, abandoned certain documents belonging to your client at the offices of the General Legal Council. The Committee deems your act of dumping the documents which your said client had deposited with you in connection with her said appeal, including the original copies of the Record of Proceedings, at the General Legal Council Secretariat to be dishonourable and highly unprofessional.

Following the preliminary inquiry held on 13th October, 2016, the Disciplinary Committee found your conduct highly unethical since it constituted an abdication of your professional duty to protect the interest of your client at all material times.

By this letter, you are hereby reprimanded accordingly. The General Legal Council will not countenance any professional misconduct from you in the future.


cc: The Honourable Lady Chief Justice

Decisions of the General Legal Council

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At the Emergency Meeting of the General Legal Council held on 4th January, 2017 the following decisions were taken by the Council.

  • The Council decided that Supplementary Examinations should be held in March for all students referred.
  • Students referred in one (1) or Two(2) subjects would be allowed to write the Supplementary Examinations.
  • A student who fails in one or two subjects would be allowed to proceed to do the internship and then write the failed subjects later on.
  • Referred students must register and make payment for the Supplementary Examinations.
  • The fee for the Supplementary Examinations shall be GH750.00 per subject.
  • The results of the Supplementary Examinations would be released within a reasonable time to enable those who passed to be called to the Bar.
  • The Council also decided that there will be one call to the Bar in October 2017 and no mini call.
  • The Council maintained its earlier decision that a student who failed three (3) or more subjects would be deemed to have failed the entire examinations and should re-write the entire examinations.
  • The Council decided that in future examinations the Index numbers, Marks and Grades of students would be published.
  • The Council decided that recollation or retallying of marks will be allowed as earlier decided by Council.
  • The Council declined the request for remarking of scripts.
  • The Council wishes to bring to the attention of all students of Ghana School of Law that by the Internal structure of the IEB/General Legal Council all scripts are remarked.
  • The Council decided that the General Legal Council website should be activated and updated information uploaded.
  • The Council also decided that Course Manuals should be prepared and copies given to students.