Registration of Law Chambers

The General Legal Council resolved in 2010 to register all Law Chambers and Legal Departments in Ghana in accordance with the provisions of the Law.

Under the law, every practising lawyer, apart from those of the Attorney General’s Department, must belong to Law Chambers or a Legal Department.  It duly mandated the Ghana Bar Association to conduct inspections of Private Practice Chambers and Legal Departments, on its behalf, and certify them for its registration.

The inspections are conducted in accordance with Guidelines issued by the General Legal Council, which include information on location, formation and membership. Membership, in contradistinction to employment.

The Registration of Private Practice Chambers and Legal Departments is valid for a year, renewable annually after inspection. The initial Registration Fee is currently GH¢1000.00. The annual Renewal Fee is currently GH¢250.00

The forms for registration are available at the Ghana Bar Association’s Bar Centre, No. 5, 2nd Avenue South East Ridge, Accra and may also be downloaded from the link below for completion and return to the Bar Centre with the relevant fees for processing.  Lawyers are advised to register their Chambers or Legal Departments and renew the Registration annually.

Law Chambers Registration/Renewal and Change of Particulars or Lawyers Form