Registration for Pupilage

Upon successful completion of the Ghana School of Law, the prospective pupil would pick up the two forms to be filled by the Senior under whom he is going to do his/her pupilage.

This lawyer must have practised for a period of not less than seven (7) years

The first form, NOTIFICATION TO COUNCIL OF PROPOSED PUPILAGE, would be returned for filing to the GLC through its Committee upon the payment of GHC50.00 by cheque or money order for administration of the two forms.

Upon completion, the second form, DECLARATION OF COMPLETION, would be filled by the said Senior under whom he read for a period of not less than six (6) months and the form sent to the GLC through its Committee for a Certificate of Completion of Pupilage to be issued by the GLC upon the payment of GHC75.00 by the Pupil.

All payments are to be made in the name of GENERAL LEGAL COUNCIL/GBA and can be made at the Bar Secretariat to be receipted by them or through the Regional Bar offices.

Download the Pupilage Registration Form