Letter of Reprimand : Misconduct of Nashiru Yussif, Esq.

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I refer to the above subject matter.

The Disciplinary Committee of the General Legal Council (the “Council”) at its meeting held on 6th July 2017, after a preliminary enquiry at which you were present, decided that you must be reprimanded for your conduct in this matter, to wit:
In the conduct of the Appellant’s case, civil appeal case No. J4/23/2016 intituled Theophilus Nortey v Thomas Fosu Twum and Dr. T. A. Osea; the Supreme Court granted you an extension of time to file within five (5) days the exact Statement of Case exhibited in your client’s application. You failed to comply with the time frame given by the Court, pursuant to the leave granted and rather filed the purported Statement of Case after seven (7) days without further leave of the Court contrary to section 48 (4) of C.I 16. Although your attention was drawn to the said error, you failed or neglected to apply to the Court for another extension of time, after almost eleven (11) months, necessitating an adjournment of your client’s case sine die with an order to you to formally apply for an extension of time within seven (7) days from 7th March, 2017.You therefore failed to conduct your client’s case with diligence.

By this letter, you are hereby reprimanded for your opaque conduct and warned to be more diligent in future. The Council will not approve of any such professional misconduct from you in the future.

Please note that this letter will be published on the Council’s website, after delivery to you.


 Cc: The Honourable Lady Chief Justice